Carton Specifications

This time, we wanna talk about Carton Specifications.

Carton Specifications
Carton Specifications

I. Dimensions and Specifications of Cartons

Cartons are divided into standard postal cartons and customer-defined specification cartons according to size. Postal standard cartons are currently the most widely sold cartons on the Internet. There are 12 kinds of cartons from sizes 1 to 12. For specific sizes, please refer to the following figure:

It is not difficult to find that standard cartons are square cuboid shapes. For products with special specifications, such as keyboards, liquid crystal displays and other flat items, sellers generally choose to find carton factories to customize. Customization can not only customize the specifications and sizes, but also print their own logo on them, which is very professional. Customization requires factory mold opening and printing costs. Therefore, the starting price is generally higher, which is more than 300 or 400 yuan to order.

II. Thickness and Material of Cartons

The thickness and material of the carton are the two key factors that determine the hardness of the carton. Common cartons have three or five layers of cartons, and of course there are seven thicker layers. The more layers of cartons, the thicker they are. As shown in the figure below, the three layers are not the simple three-layer flat plate, but the two layers of flat plates are externally sandwiched with a middle layer of corrugations, and the five layers are three layers of flat plates and double corrugations. Three-layer and five-layer cartons are also listed as corrugated and double corrugated cartons.

Cartons are also made of a variety of materials. Good materials are not only high in hardness, but also light in weight. Less good materials tend to have low hardness and are easily deformed. Cartons on the market are made of “KK > ka > kb > AA > ab > BB” from top to bottom. kk is the best material at present. the thickness of three layers is enough to bear the weight of a normal adult. the surface is smooth and textured. kk is good and good, but the selling price is also the most expensive. aa and bb are slightly weaker, but with the thickness of five layers, they also have high hardness, which is enough to protect the products from damage.

Sellers can choose different types of cartons according to their own needs. For example, fragile and valuables can use five-layer AA cartons, ordinary dropped articles, or products with cartons of their own. It is sufficient to choose three-layer cartons.

Three, how to choose suitable cartons for their products

At present, the rapid quality in China is uneven, and there are often reports of so-and-so express throwing packages at random, which makes sellers want to cry. It is good to choose Shunfeng Express, but I’m afraid the customers don’t pay the bill. Therefore, it is more realistic for everyone to make efforts in their own packaging.

Good packaging can not only ensure the safe delivery of your goods to customers, but also let customers see the considerate and meticulous attitude of the shopkeeper. If you receive a five-layer carton package wrapped with moisture-proof express bags today, will you take notice of the shopkeeper’s good intentions?

As mentioned above, the carton has three layers, five layers, standard sizes 1-12, KK, AA, BB and other different materials. It is important to choose the right carton for your own goods.
Here are some basic strategies:

1, according to their own baby size to choose the appropriate carton specifications, here is to explain, standard carton size 1~12 refers to the carton outer diameter size; The size inside should be slightly smaller than the thickness of two cartons.

2. Different types of cartons have different hardness, weight and pressure-bearing capacity. Everyone has a sense of cost. Just choose what is enough. For commodities with cartons, you can choose three layers. For commodities with certain pressure resistance, you can choose ordinary hardness cartons. Fragile and vulnerable commodities need high-hardness cartons with large bearing capacity. In addition, you should fill the space in the cartons to prevent shock damage during the journey.

3. To tell the truth, the hardness and bearing capacity of the carton are not as good as that of the real thing when looking at the pictures and introductions. It is possible to put in several samples for comparison.

4. Although the profit of the carton is thin, the shopkeeper generally does not allow counter-offer, but once long-term cooperation has approved the quality of the carton, the price can still be reduced.

The following is a simple horizontal comparison of various cartons for reference only:

Four, packaging accessories introduction:

Auxiliary materials include fillers such as adhesive tape and bubble film, pearl cotton paper, foam board, etc. There are many patterns in the adhesive tape. Besides the most basic transparent and yellow opaque types, there are also many printed adhesive tapes, such as the blue warning tape shown in the following figure, and the special red adhesive tape of Guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions. The warning signs such as “moisture-proof and pressure-proof”, “handle with care”, “please confirm that the goods are complete and sign for it” and so on still have quite practical effects.

Goods placed in the box do not necessarily fill the whole space, but often need to be filled with something to fix it. People usually use old newspapers, and the effect is good. Friends who want to use foam boards also use foam boards to separate the space in the box. Bubble film and bubble paper are used to wrap the goods and fill out the blank space.

Five, carton freight

Carton sales profit is not very high, and the weight is big, so the general factory only sends to the province or nearby provinces and cities, the province sends the express delivery, the province sends the logistics, the express delivery fee generally lowest 10 kilograms 8 yuan, continues to weigh 1 kilogram 1 yuan or so.


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