The Classification of Plastic Bags

With the continuous upgrading of plastic bag manufacturing technology, plastic bags have not been invented as they were in the early days, but simply to satisfy people’s convenience in carrying articles. In order to meet people’s needs, various plastic bags have begun to enter people’s daily life. There are more and more kinds of plastic bags, so today let’s have a little bit of science popularization.

The Classification of Plastic Bags
The Classification of Plastic Bags

T-shirt bags: it is also called vest bag, vest bag, toilet bag, etc. because its shape is similar to vest worn by people. Mainly used in supermarkets, department stores, shopping malls, convenience stores, wholesale markets, grocery stores and other places. PO is generally used as the main production material. Backbone bags are simple to manufacture and have a wide range of uses. They have become an indispensable necessity in daily life, providing great convenience for people, but also causing environmental pollution. Therefore, the state has issued a “plastic ban order” prohibiting the production of single-sided backpacks with less than 2.5 threads to limit the use of backpacks.

Handbags: Handbags, shopping bags and advertising gift bags are generally plastic bags made of Po (i.e. HDPE high-density polyethylene) or PE (i.e. LDPE low-density polyethylene). The bag made of PO material has lower glossiness and slightly hard texture. It can be swayed lightly with the hand and the sound of rattle can be heard. The bag made of PE plastic packaging material has better glossiness and softer texture. It shakes lightly with the hand with little noise. Both materials are nontoxic and tasteless, and are sanitary and safe. Plastic handbags are generally used in clothing, gifts, jewelry, stationery and other industries, because of their fashion, convenience and good-looking, and are deeply loved by users.

Flat pocket: flat pocket is generally used for industrial packaging, because flat pocket can also be made into meta-thread bags (R bags) due to different sealing methods. It is one of the plastic bags most frequently customized by plastic bag manufacturers and also one of the plastic bags with the largest usage.

Self-adhesive bag: self-adhesive bag is also called adhesive bag and adhesive plastic bag. Mainly used in stationery, jewelry, food and other industries. OPP and PE are mainly used as the main production materials, and the self-adhesive bag has very good printing effect, so it is suitable for processing into beautiful product outer packages, such as card head bags, garment bags, bread bag, etc. The product is very transparent, and is the most transparent of the plastic bag materials. The self-adhesive bag made is like a mirror. However, the product is brittle, not good enough in toughness and easy to tear, so it is usually sealed in the form of adhesive tape. If the product is large in volume or heavy in weight, it is usually provided with environmental protection edges to prevent cracking.

Cartridge bag: Cartridge bag is also called mother bag. The card head bag is generally divided into two parts, one is the bag and the other is the card head. The card head is equivalent to an “advertisement space” used to publicize or attract consumers’ purchasing desire. Bone bag: Bone bag has excellent sealing performance, acid and alkali resistance and no toxicity. Function: dustproof, dampproof and leak proof. Scope of application: hardware, jewelry, electronics, medicinal materials, supermarkets, snack shops, tea, stationery, toys, printing, leather goods, etc. Using PE bone mouth plastic bag to pack food can prevent moisture-resistant snack food and medicinal materials from softening and maintain the essential taste. For example, baked potato chips, broad beans, biscuits, melon seeds, twist, dangshen, platycodon grandiflorum, notoginseng and other anti-tide food herbs can also be used for tea.

Hook bag: hook bag is divided into oblique hanging bag and flat hanging bag. It is generally used in the garment bag industry and is commonly used in clothing stores and dry cleaners of major brands. Its main function is to prevent dust, dust and water. It is commonly used for suits, jackets and other clothes and is commonly used in dry cleaners. Clothing stores and other stores.

Bubble bag: Bubble bag is made of low density polyethylene. It is a transparent flexible packaging material widely used at present and has a wide range of uses. The principle is that the film contains air to form bubbles to prevent the products from hitting, to ensure that the products play a protective role when being shaken, and also have the function of heat preservation and heat insulation, which is suitable for packaging or turnover of different products in all walks of life. Because the middle layer of the air cushion film is filled with air, the air cushion film is light and elastic, and has the performances of sound insulation, shock prevention and abrasion prevention. It is waterproof, moisture-proof and pressure-resistant.

Square bag: Square bag is also called square bottom bag. Generally, it is a plastic packaging bag made of LDPE (high pressure and low density) and LLDPE (linear and low density) through a film blowing machine, and then sealed by a bag making machine. It can also be sold directly. The tube material can be cut and sealed by customers according to their needs during use. PE bags can be divided into flat pocket, flanging bags and square bottom bags according to the manufacturing process. According to whether printing can be divided into blank bags and printing bags; According to whether antistatic can be divided into ordinary and antistatic two kinds. Product performance: the material feels soft and the thickness can be adjusted freely.

Courier bags: Courier bags are classified into courier plastic bags, courier document seals, courier bubble bags, courier bone bags, etc. There are two major types of express bags in the market: first, brand new material express bags (such as shunfeng express bags, fedex express bags, homestay express bags, etc.), and second, recycled material express bags (such as those used by small express companies such as lianwutong, etc.). 2. material of express document seal: generally, gray white cardboard, white cardboard, cow cardboard, mostly. The express delivery industry generally uses 200 g/m2 to 450 g/m2 of paper.

Compared with the express plastic bag, the express document seal has the advantages of being flat and not easy to break.

Shrink bag: Shrink bags are commonly used in food stalls, restaurants, restaurants and other places. With the characteristics of high transparency, shrinkage, excellent heat sealing performance, good toughness, antistatic property and excellent cold resistance, it is a non-toxic, safe and reliable soft shrink film. Such products are used in many fields and are widely used for shrinkage packaging of various regular and irregular products. It is also one of the most common plastic bags in our life. Other: In addition to the types of plastic bags mentioned above, there are also many metaphors for plastic bags, such as composite bags, aluminum foil bags, biodegradable bags, inflatable bags, etc.


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