Investigation and Analysis Report on Packaging in Express Delivery Industry in China

Investigation and Analysis Report on Packaging in Express Delivery Industry With the vigorous development of e-commerce, online shopping has been integrated into public life, and many people have to receive express packages almost every day. According to statistics of the State Post Office, in 2013, China’s express delivery volume reached 9.2 billion pieces, with an average daily volume exceeding 30 million pieces. It is estimated that this year’s total express delivery volume will reach 12.8 billion pieces. Such a large volume of business will definitely consume a large amount of packaging materials.

Express Delivery Industry in China
Express Delivery Industry in China

The development of express packaging industry has attracted the attention of the society. How to solve the problems of “over-packaging” and “packaging waste” in express packaging industry has become the primary task for the healthy development of express packaging industry.

First, the development of express packaging industry In the past five years, China’s express delivery industry has maintained a continuous high-speed growth of about 27%, and the volume of express delivery business has ranked third in the world, second only to the United States and Japan. The advent of the online shopping era has promoted the rapid development of express delivery industry and packaging industry. All kinds of online shopping products have brought about a demand for packaging that cannot be underestimated. These clothes, cosmetics, food and other “treasures” will be packed in cardboard boxes and delivered to the buyers by express delivery. This has greatly stimulated the market’s huge demand for cardboard boxes, paper bags, plastic packaging bags, cushioning packaging and packaging auxiliary materials. A flagship store of a large carton supplier on Taobao has a daily carton shipment volume of more than 50,000.

On March 27, 2014, the National Postal Industry Standardization Technical Committee held a meeting in Beijing to review and pass the industry standard of “Measurement Method of Greenhouse Gas Emission from Express Delivery Service”. One of the important contents is the secondary use of packaging in express delivery enterprises.

Second, the express packaging industry development status quo After the “Double Eleven” online shopping spree in 2013, according to data from Alibaba’s headquarters, Tmall successfully closed the 2013 online shopping festival with a turnover of 35 billion yuan as of 24: 00 on November 11, which is about twice the turnover of last year’s US online Monday.’s official microblog announced sales of 2.5 billion yuan in the three days (10-12) during the Double Eleven period. The total number of orders in the three days exceeded 6.8 million, more than three times the number of orders on the day of November 11, 2012.

During the period from November 11 to 16 in double 11, the total number of express delivery services nationwide was 346 million, up 73% from the same period last year in double 11. With the upsurge of online shopping appearing frequently in major festivals, express delivery companies have even seen spectacular scenes of robbing people to buy cars to fight against the “Double Eleven”.

The current express package consists of three parts: ① outer package: the most important part of the package is generally paper bags, waterproof bags, cartons and wooden cases, of which waterproof bags and cartons are the most common. (2) Internal packaging: it can collect and basically protect the delivered articles, generally including the original packaging of articles, plastic films, filled particles, polyethylene foam films, etc. (3) Waybill: It is used to indicate the relevant information of the delivered goods, as well as the transportation contract and the sign-in certificate.

Third, express packaging industry problems

1. The choice of non-green express package For express delivery industry, the choice of non-green packaging includes the choice of non-green packaging materials and the choice of non-green packaging technology. The packaging materials for express package mainly include paper, cardboard boxes, polystyrene foam plastic plates, bubble bags and plastic bags, etc. These materials have caused waste of resources and environmental pollution to a certain extent. At the same time of wasting resources, due to low investment in technology, the express delivery industry has not yet met the requirements of green packaging standardization, making express delivery companies still have economic losses caused by improper packaging or over-packaging. Therefore, in order to protect the environment, the production of a kind of packaging material that comes from nature and can return to nature plays a vital role in creating a sustainable development environment.

2. Express packaging recycling is not standardized After receiving the express delivery, the addressee is more concerned with the contents of the package, and often abandons the package and seldom keeps it for re-delivery. People have little awareness of low-carbon logistics and green packaging. In addition, most express delivery companies lack social responsibility and do not set up special packaging recycling channels. In terms of law, express packaging industry has not received effective legal norms and restrictions. Up to now, China has not established an effective packaging recycling network system, and the problem of packaging recycling has not been effectively solved.

3. Express package “excessive”
“Over-packaging” is common in express packaging, and packaging materials are seriously wasted. In 2013, the daily average volume of express delivery in our country exceeded 30 million pieces, so that the number of discarded packages produced per day would reach 10 million pieces, a staggering waste.
When sellers deliver goods, they usually adopt “triple protection” for the protection of “treasures”: the first layer is the packaging of the product itself, the second layer is the cardboard box, and then the express bag is set outside. In order to ensure that the packaging bag or carton will not burst, a large amount of adhesive tape will be wrapped on the outermost layer. In the past two years, the total number of express deliveries in our country has been around 4.8 billion pieces per year. If we calculate by using 1 meter long adhesive tape for each express delivery, the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) transparent adhesive tape used by the express delivery industry in our country every year is enough to circle the earth nearly 120 times along the equator, and the garbage will not degrade after being buried in the soil for 100 years.

Express Delivery Industry in China
Express Delivery Industry in China

Fourth, express packaging industry development proposals

1. From the perspective of consumers to regulate To save resources, we should start from ourselves. As consumers, on the premise that the goods are in good condition, we can take the initiative to ask the packaging not to be “excessive”. Consumers should strengthen the concept of environmental protection, give more patience, understanding and support to express packaging recycling, faithfully fulfill the pledge of environmental protection with the most powerful actions, and consciously resist over-packaging.

2. Standardize from the perspective of “seller”
Sellers should take the initiative to choose courier companies with higher service quality, try to avoid over-packaging, and ensure the full protection of goods. Sellers can also communicate with consumers before delivery and take preferential measures to encourage consumers to voluntarily choose services with simple packaging.

3. Standardize from the perspective of express delivery industry The express delivery industry needs a green overall express delivery process to rationalize the express delivery process.

On the one hand, express delivery companies need to set up a special recycling mechanism to support packaging recycling with practical actions. On the other hand, it is necessary to improve the quality of employees and put an end to such phenomena as “violent sorting” and “rough handling”. At the same time of delivery of the express, the unified package removed by the professional courier will be recovered after the goods are signed for, or the specific time and place will be designated for unified recovery of the package.
The reason why the online store chose over-packaging is also because the uncivilized operation of express delivery companies occurs from time to time, and it is only necessary to ensure that the goods can reach the customers safely. From this point of view, express delivery companies should strengthen their responsibility and self-discipline, and should not give up halfway because they think it is too troublesome to recycle packaging, or because the new regulations are met with a temporary cold shoulder.

4. Standardize from the perspective of packaging industry The packaging industry should develop scientific and technological innovation and increase the upfront investment in packaging technology so that express packaging conforms to the characteristics of environmental protection, lightness, difficulty in extrusion and deformation, easy recovery, etc. In order to achieve this goal, enterprises must use advanced technology to research and develop environmental protection materials, design reasonable packaging forms, and improve packaging recycling efficiency. At the same time, it is necessary to carry out scientific management and green evaluation of all links in the packaging production process, and to improve links that are not conducive to environmental protection.

Packaging Industry Should Cultivate and Introduce Excellent Packaging Talents. When packaging products, besides choosing environmentally friendly materials, it is also very important to improve the packaging quality, because prolonging the service life of packaged products is equivalent to reducing the growth rate of waste packaging waste. The key to the development of China’s packaging industry is to have a large number of talents who master high-end technology. Through their technological innovation and management innovation, efforts will be made to improve the quality and form of packaging products, so that China’s packaging industry will gradually get rid of the disadvantages of “low technology content and serious environmental pollution” and realize the transformation and upgrading of packaging industry from traditional packaging to green packaging.

5. from the perspective of the government to regulate The government should speed up the improvement of policies and regulations related to express packaging materials and recycling, and at the same time need to formulate reasonable incentive mechanisms and effective restriction mechanisms. The government of express delivery enterprises that actively fulfill their social responsibilities should be given certain material rewards or spiritual support.

We will step up publicity on “green packaging” and establish a processing system for classified recycling of packaging as soon as possible. Social management requires public participation, and resolving the problem of express delivery packaging ultimately requires the promotion of civic awareness. Relevant departments and express delivery industry associations should take active actions to increase environmental protection publicity efforts, strengthen supervision of express delivery enterprises, dispel consumers’ worries, and let them safely recycle. At the same time, we will intensify the refinement of the express package recycling plan, adopt various measures and carry out classified recycling, and formulate detailed environmental protection standards for transport packages in the express industry, specifying the use of degradable materials in packaging.
In response to the problem of over-packaging of express delivery, “the regulatory authorities should issue relevant implementation rules to clarify and refine relevant national standards and industry standards. At the same time, according to the actual situation to explore whether to introduce corresponding punishment measures. ”

Fifth. Summary

At present, express delivery companies are also working hard to promote express packaging recycling. Shunfeng Express has found the minimum size of the document seal based on satisfying the customer’s needs through repeated research, and is also studying to add a seal to the document seal to realize the secondary utilization of the document seal. Woven bags used by express delivery companies in the long-distance transportation process used to be eliminated once. However, in some conditional areas, Shunfeng Express  recycles and reuses woven bags.

Yuantong Express also extended its energy conservation and emission reduction measures to the “last kilometer”. Yuantong Express has tried to send 10 express packages to users in some areas and sent one express free of charge.

But I bought the net already started to try to recycle the express package. After the consumer buys the food, the courier who delivers it to the door will politely ask if the carton can be recycled if it is useless.
Express packaging recycling measures still need in-depth research and thinking to form a more detailed plan. For example, how should standards be determined? How to mobilize the enthusiasm of consumers to cooperate with the environmental protection practices of enterprises, etc. But what is certain is that energy conservation and emission reduction are the embodiment of the management level of the express delivery industry and the general trend of the development of the industry.


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