Did You Pay Attention to The Safety of The Express Bag?

Did you pay attention to the safety of the express bag?

Safety of The Express Bag
Safety of The Express Bag

Every long holiday is a good time to store goods online, and many “hand-chopping parties” are eagerly waiting for the arrival of express delivery. However, express bags are sometimes the “culprit” of disease. Female netizen Hou Yaozong’s mouth ulcerated as a result of unpacking the express. It turned out that she used both hands and mouth when unpacking the express, and abruptly tore open the package with her mouth. That night, Hou Yaozong felt the corners of her mouth itch. Looking intently, she found several more red pimples. When she woke up the next morning, she found that the red pimples had not only cleared away, but also oozed pus. She could not open her mouth in pain. She went to see a doctor quickly.

The national standard of “Express Packaging Products” issued jointly by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the State Standardization Management Committee on washing hands after dismantling express delivery sets forth the specifications, dimensions and inspection rules of express delivery, but it is only a recommended standard and is not mandatory. Therefore, we also need to pay attention to the safety and health awareness of express bags. Unfortunately, in an online survey of 190 people, 99% of them occasionally wash their hands after opening express delivery, 33% of them have never formed the habit of washing their hands after opening express delivery.

Theoretically, the toxic and harmful chemicals left in the express package bag may cause human allergy or decrease skin immune function, and in serious cases, damage liver and kidney functions through blood circulation. However, the phenomenon caused by improper disassembly of express delivery is still rare. This is because chemicals need to be exposed to high temperatures or for a certain period of time, thus damaging human health.

If allergy occurs due to express package, glucocorticoid ointment can be applied, or some ointment with antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, skin rash relief, itching relief and other effects can be applied, which can usually be recovered within 3-5 days. Serious symptoms such as skin suppuration and air bubbles should be treated promptly.
It is suggested that you wash your hands in time after unpacking the express. If you suffer from physical diseases caused by the quality problem of the express package, you can claim compensation from the merchants for infringement.

Express packaging is divided into “classes”

At present, the packaging bags used by express delivery companies are usually made of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and other materials. If it meets the national standard, it is not toxic. However, some packaging bags may be made of recycled materials, so it is very likely that a large amount of harmful substances will remain.
White packaging is the “white collar” in express delivery, marked with brand-new materials, about 0.25 yuan a piece, which is almost extinct in ordinary express delivery. Green and yellow packaging is the “blue collar” in express delivery, half of which is made of old materials and half of which is made of new materials. Aviation parts are occasionally visible. Gray-black packaging is the “gray collar class” in express delivery, which is completely made of “recycled materials”. At present, nearly 80% of express delivery in our country belong to this type of packaging.


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