Superiority Characteristic of DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS and TNT

FedEx is arguably the top four companies in Southeast Asia. (FedEx’s shortcomings lie in the fact that Western Europe, the United States and Canada, South America, Africa and Middle East countries do not have price and speed advantages.

Superiority Characteristic of DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS and TNT
Superiority Characteristic of DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS and TNT

TNT’s customs clearance capability in Western European countries is better than DHL, UPS and EMS. (But the price is much more expensive than other companies. Send some more important goods with fast time, strong customs clearance and no fear of expensive. TNT is recommended.

When your goods are detained abroad, EMS can help you bring them back free of charge. If other big companies help you to bring back the goods, they will have to charge more freight for bringing back the goods from abroad. moreover, there is no discount and the price is too high to understand.

The biggest reason for reporting the value to US$ 30 is that the customs of western European countries will be more strict in checking the value of small goods up to US$ 30.

Starting from China, FEDEX USA [Advantages: Strongly Recommended to Central and South America and Europe, Southeast Asia] UPS USA, with its strong points in American routes and Japanese routes, “mainly creating special lines in the United States and special offers in north America”

TNT Holland has absolute advantages in Europe, West Asia and the Middle East [TNT’s advantage is that TNT has no surcharge in remote areas, and its customs clearance capacity in Western European countries is better than DHL, UPS and EMS] DHL Germany has advantages in Japan, Southeast Asia and Australia. [Europe special line and its neighboring countries’ special line service has advantages of fast service speed and extremely strong customs clearance capability in the United States and western Europe. 】 EMS is reasonable in price, does not charge volume for heavy delivery, can clear customs without providing commercial invoice, and has the right of priority clearance. Especially for sensitive goods, customs clearance is generally allowed. Goods that do not pass customs clearance can be returned to China free of charge.

F,U, us faster.

T, Europe, Australia.

DHL, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America.

Federal for 4-5 days, UPS DHL arrives the next day.

International packages are generally charged at a unit price of 0.5kg for the first package and 0.5kg for the second package under 20kg. when the package exceeds 20kg, the unit price is charged at 1kg. the higher the weight, the lower the unit price will be.

International Express: Express customs declaration and air transportation; These include:

(1) Commercial express: TNT, UPS, DHL and FEDEX, collectively referred to as the four major express; (2) International express mail: such as mainland EMS, Singapore EMS, USPS, PARCEL FORCE; (3) dedicated line: it is transported to foreign countries by means of air package and delivered to the destination country by cooperative companies. Such as Equick, Yan Wen Special Line, etc.

International surface mail includes: international small bags and postal large bags. Please check points 2 and 3 for details.

International air transport: take formal customs declaration and transport by air; International shipping: take formal customs declaration and transport by sea.

1. International Express 1) Common Points of International Express Delivery:

A express delivery is more suitable for goods under 100kg; B. the goods to be carried are goods without commercial value such as documents, samples, samples and advertisements; C. air service, door-to-door service.

2) In addition to the above 3 common features, EMS and the four major express delivery services also have some differences, as follows:


A.EMS is direct to all countries and then cleared for delivery, so the transit time is unstable; B.EMS units cannot exceed 30kg; in general; C. no fuel surcharge; D. no charges for remote areas; E. separate customs clearance channels for destinations; F packages less than f.0.5kg are charged according to documents; G. no matter what weight is thrown, fees shall be charged according to actual weight; H. the inspection service is not very good; I. packaging charges; J. good at private address delivery, but less network coverage; K. price fluctuation is large and unstable; L. charging by first and second weight.

Four major express delivery services:

A the four major express carriers charge fuel surcharges ranging from 10% to 25%, and the standard is generally updated once a month; B. the four major express carriers charge surcharges for remote areas; C. the four major express carriers calculate the volume weight, length * width * height (cm)/5000= volume weight, which is higher than the actual weight; D. stability of services:

(1) ①FEDEX/UPS has an advantageous route in the Americas, with good transportation stability; (2) The dominant routes of ②TNT/DHL are Europe, Middle East and Africa, and the transit time of major destinations in Western European countries is 2 days.

(3) The services of the four major express companies in the Asia-Pacific region are not very different.
E. transit goods through transit operation centers in various continents, so the transit time is relatively stable; F. the weight of single piece shall not exceed 70kg; in general; G. go through commercial express customs clearance channels; H. the goods inspection service is relatively good; I. free packaging; J the service coverage network is large, especially DHL and UPS;; K. price fluctuation is small and relatively stable; Under l.20kg is the first weight plus the second weight, and over 20kg is charged per kilogram.

2. China Post Bags 1) China Post Bags are a common package service introduced by China Post. China Post

Bags are divided into three service modes:

A. CHINA POST AIR, which takes 10-15 working days to reach the destination country, takes the whole journey by air.

B. China Postal Waterway Airline Bags (CHINA POST SAL). China Postal Waterway Airline Bags are a kind of service mode in which the whole flight is carried by air when there is a flight and the waterway is combined when there is no flight. official website announced that its arrival time is 15-20 days.

C. china post’s land and water road parcel. China Post’s Land and Water Road Package refers to the service mode of taking water (sea) all the way. It takes a longer time to sign for it within 1-2 months and the freight is cheaper.

2) China Post’s Packing Requirements for Large Packages of Goods:
A. weight requirements: more than 2kg, less than 30kg (individual countries can not exceed 20 kg maximum); B. maximum volume requirements:

(1) unilateral < =1.5 meters, length+maximum lateral circumference other than length < =3 meters (the maximum specification is 30kg goods); (2) unilateral < = 1.05m, length+maximum lateral circumference other than length < = 2m (this maximum specification is 20kg goods).

3) The advantages of China Post Bags are:

A. China Post has a relatively low freight rate for large bags, which does not calculate volume and weight, and is suitable for sending light-weight goods. There is no remote surcharge. Compared with other modes of transportation (such as EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.), China Post’s large package service has an absolute price advantage. By adopting this delivery method, the cost can be reduced to the maximum extent and the price competitiveness can be improved.

B China post is relatively convenient to hand in and mail large bags, which can reach all over the world as long as there is a post office.

C the large package of China post is convenient, fast and single, which reduces the trouble of customers; D China post parcel service provides tracking and inquiry services for parcels. The package can be found on the China Post website on the day it leaves, and the information can be tracked all the way.

E. China Post has a strong customs clearance capacity for large packages. For example, Russia, Argentina, Brazil … these countries have a slightly better customs clearance through China Post.
Warm tip:

1. China Post bags can reach more than 200 countries. For goods with low timeliness requirements, heavy weight or large volume, you can choose to use this method for delivery.

2. Rules for Filling in Shipment Number:

Format of waybill number: 13 characters, beginning with cp and ending with cn, with numbers in the middle; Background shipping method should be selected: chinapair & chinaparsal.

3. China Post Packet

1) Small parcels with a weight of less than 2 kg, the sum of the length, width and height of the outer package is less than 90 cm, and the longest side is less than 60 cm, which are sent to foreign countries through postal air mail service can be called international small parcels.

2) International packets are divided into Normal Air Mail and Registered Air Mail. The former has a lower rate, the post does not provide tracking and inquiry services, while the latter has a slightly higher rate and can provide online tracking and inquiry services. However, the tracking information is relatively small.
At present, the common international small package services are: China Post Small Package, Singapore Post Small Package and Hongkong Post Small Package.

3) Advantages:

A globalization: international small bags can deliver products to customers in almost any country or region in the world, and can be reached wherever there is a post office, thus greatly expanding the market space of foreign trade sellers; B. simplicity: international small packets are easy to send and receive, and the charging method is unified in the world, regardless of the first and second weight, greatly simplifying freight accounting and cost control; C low cost: compared with other modes of transportation (e.g EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, etc.), international packet service has absolute price advantages.

4) Disadvantages:

Long time, difficult goods tracking, high packet loss rate.

Warm tip:

Rules for filling in waybill numbers:

Format of waybill number: 13 character strings, beginning with r and an English letter, the last two are English and the rest are numbers; Background delivery method to be selected: chinapair mail & chinaparsal mail.


EMS is slow in aging and cheap in price. EMS is a good choice for general special chemicals and has strong customs clearance capability.
EMS Requirements for Goods: Only one cargo can be transported per ticket, and it must not exceed 30kg, with every 0.5kg as the unit of weight. EMS does not measure volume and weight.

Conclusion: If the timeliness requirement is not high, EMS can be chosen.

Air parcel:

The mainland/hongkong post small package does not require much goods, and the hong kong post office has a good reputation for small package service.
The mode of transportation has the following advantages:

1. Cheap and low cost; 2. Globalization is convenient, and delivery is relatively easy. It can reach all parts of the world. Some remote island countries use small bags to save the most freight.
3. Registered mail can be checked on the Mainland/Hongkong Post website 24 hours after delivery.
4. Billing methods are globally unified.

Basic requirements for small air bags:

1. The permitted scope of mailing can be registered, and CD-ROM and record can be attached.
2. Weight and size limit: the weight shall not exceed 2kg.
Maximum size: length, width and thickness shall not exceed 90CM in total, and the longest side shall not exceed 60CM.


Small goods under 5kg have great advantages in the world. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan have better prices for DHL special line. It is suggested to take these special lines to these lines. The price and service are very advantageous.
Timeliness: 1-2 days in Southeast Asia; North America and Western Europe for 2-3 days; South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa 4-5 days.


The prices of small goods above 6kg in areas 5 to 8 are very advantageous.


TNT’s dominant routes are the Middle East and Eastern Europe, which are doing well. Prices have advantages, especially for TNT in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, which are larger than 21kg.

Timeliness: 4-5 days in Middle East and Eastern Europe. Not recommended in other regions.
FEDEX: Southeast Asia has great advantages in terms of price and service. Delivery is made today, usually the next day. The price is also good, no matter the size of the goods in Southeast Asia, FEDEX is recommended.

How to choose a cost-effective shipment? How to calculate the freight? Please refer to:


1. Volume and weight goods: For large and light packages, according to the regulations of the International Air Transport Association, the heavier of volume and actual weight will be charged. To calculate the volume weight, multiply the length, width and height (cm) of the package and divide by 5000.
2. Fuel surcharge, updated monthly.
3. There is a service charge for remote areas. According to the specific address to determine whether to charge, if charge, each time for RMB 150 yuan.
4. The western United States includes Colorado, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington.
5. Non-standard cargo surcharge will be imposed for cargo with length of more than 120cm on either side of the single piece or actual weight of the single piece exceeding 70kg, and only once per cargo. 200 yuan.
6. Insurance: 1% of the insured amount is paid for international express mail (the minimum premium is RMB 100 yuan), and you can choose whether to purchase it or not.
7. Tariff: It may occur and cannot be estimated.


1. Volume and weight goods: For large and light packages, according to the regulations of the International Air Transport Association, the heavier of volume and actual weight will be charged. To calculate the volume weight, multiply the length, width and height (cm) of the package and divide by 5000. According to the calculation of a single package. If there are 2 pieces of goods, one piece is calculated as volume weight and one piece is calculated as weight, and the two are added together as charging weight.
2. Fuel surcharge, updated monthly.
3. There is a service charge for remote areas. According to the specific address to determine whether to charge, if charge, each time is 167 yuan.
4. 40 yuan surcharge will be levied for each package of irregularly shaped articles.
5. Single side is 270cm or more, perimeter is 419cm or more, weight is 70kg or more, and cannot be transported.
6. The maximum side length is greater than or equal to 152cm, the second side length is greater than or equal to 76cm, and the weight is greater than or equal to 32kg. Each package shall be charged 40 yuan RMB.
7. surcharge for large packages: the circumference is 330-419cm, and 378 yuan will be charged for each package.
8. Insurance: only for services provided by customers with account numbers, the formula is (declaration amount -800)/800*3.2= insurance premium.


1. There is a fuel surcharge, which is basically updated monthly.
2.TNT charges a certain amount of delivery fee to remote areas for pick-up and delivery in remote areas. The charging standard is RMB per kilogram 2 yuan, and the minimum charge for each remote area is RMB 50 yuan.
3. Volume weight goods: length * width * height (m3) *200 (kg/m3), whichever is higher according to volume weight and actual weight; Or multiply the length, width and height (cm) of the package and divide by 5000. According to the size of the goods.
4. Security check fee: 0.5 yuan RMB /kg, minimum 5 yuan RMB, maximum 100 RMB.
5. A single piece of more than 50kg will cost about RMB and 100 yuan.
6. Insurance: less than 2,000 yuan (inclusive) is 2 yuan, and more than 2,000 yuan is 4/1000.


1. Surcharge for remote areas: documents and 35/ ticket, express bag 70, box 70 or 3.5/kg whichever is higher.
2. Volume and weight: multiply the length, width and height (cm) of the package and divide by 5000.
3. Fuel surcharge, updated monthly.
4. If the single box exceeds 1000kg and the single side exceeds 274cm, it cannot be transported.

1. Piano, ceramics, handicrafts and other heavy or valuable items should be packed in wooden cases.
2. The United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries have strict regulations on unprocessed logs or log packaging. Only after fumigation is carried out in the original exporting country and a recognized fumigation certificate is presented can the importing country accept the import of goods. Otherwise, fine or return the goods to the original exporting country.
3. European regulations on wooden packing of pine trees stipulate that the goods must be imported with a certificate of no insect pest from the quarantine bureau of the original exporting country.
4. The processed wooden furniture need not be fumigated.
5. Commonly used articles in daily life such as books and various utensils can be packed by themselves in strong cartons, and it is better to do moistureproof treatment.
6. Fragile items are best filled with things to avoid damage.
7. If conditions permit, a layer of waterproof articles (e.g. plastic bags, cloth, etc.) shall be laid in the carton.
8. In a packing box, light and heavy articles should be placed in a reasonable way for handling.
9. The box should be filled with stuffing at the end, and it should be full. Toilet paper, paper towel and small clothes can be used to fill the box, so as to prevent the items in the box from turning over and colliding with each other and being damaged in the process of handling and moving.


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