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  • Superiority Characteristic of DHL, UPS, FEDEX, EMS and TNT

    FedEx is arguably the top four companies in Southeast Asia. (FedEx’s shortcomings lie in the fact that Western Europe, the United States and Canada, South America, Africa and Middle East countries do not have price and speed advantages. TNT’s customs clearance capability in Western European countries is better than DHL, UPS and EMS. (But the price is much more expensive than other companies. Send some more important goods with fast time, strong customs clearance and no fear of expensive. TNT is recommended. When your goods are detained abroad, EMS can help you bring them back free of charge. If other big companies help you to bring back the goods, they will have to charge more freight for bringing back the goods from abroad. moreover, there is no discount and the price is too high to understand. The biggest reason for reporting the value to US$ 30 is that the customs…

    Express Knowledge 2019-12-13
  • How to Charge for Four Major International Express

    Express delivery can be seen everywhere. When trading on the Internet and shopping online, there will be express delivery companies. There are many express delivery companies. There is competition among them. Which company operates well is closely related to its service and price. Let’s find out how the next four major international express companies charge for their services, hoping to help you make better choices. DHL 1. Volume and weight goods: For large and light packages, according to the regulations of the International Air Transport Association, the heavier of volume and actual weight will be charged. To calculate the volume weight, multiply the length, width and height (cm) of the package and divide by 5000. 2. Fuel surcharge, updated monthly. 3. There is a service charge for remote areas. According to the specific address to determine whether to charge, if charge, each time for RMB 150 yuan. 4. The western…

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  • Research on Recycling of Logistics Packaging and Sustainable Development of Environment

    Absrtact: with the prevalence of e-commerce, the problem of waste of resources caused by logistics, express delivery and packaging is becoming more and more prominent. Packaging waste in logistics express delivery industry has become one of the main sources of garbage in today’s cities, causing serious pollution to the environment. At the same time, the country is also vigorously advocating the strategy of sustainable development. The recycling of packaging materials not only conforms to this strategy, but also maximizes economic and environmental benefits. However, at present, the cost of recycling packaging waste is relatively high and the utilization rate is very low. Therefore, while promoting the recycling of packaging materials, it is also necessary to reduce the cost of recycling and increase its utilization rate. This paper analyzes the current situation of logistics packaging recycling, finds out the causes, and then puts forward corresponding development suggestions for the current problems…

    Express Knowledge 2019-12-13
  • Carton Specifications

    This time, we wanna talk about Carton Specifications. I. Dimensions and Specifications of Cartons Cartons are divided into standard postal cartons and customer-defined specification cartons according to size. Postal standard cartons are currently the most widely sold cartons on the Internet. There are 12 kinds of cartons from sizes 1 to 12. For specific sizes, please refer to the following figure: It is not difficult to find that standard cartons are square cuboid shapes. For products with special specifications, such as keyboards, liquid crystal displays and other flat items, sellers generally choose to find carton factories to customize. Customization can not only customize the specifications and sizes, but also print their own logo on them, which is very professional. Customization requires factory mold opening and printing costs. Therefore, the starting price is generally higher, which is more than 300 or 400 yuan to order. II. Thickness and Material of Cartons…

    Express Knowledge 2019-12-13
  • Development Status of Green Logistics

    Development Status of Green Logistics -Take Green Packaging in Express Industry as An Example. Green logistics is the inevitable trend of modern logistics development and is one of the important contents to realize the sustainable development of economy and society. Guided by the scientific concept of development, promoting the development of green logistics has become an important topic for the development of modern logistics in China in the 21st century. The development of green logistics is the need of world economic integration and is also conducive to the sustainable development of China’s economy. It will also form new competitive advantages for enterprises. The most important development of green logistics is conducive to improving people’s material and cultural living standards. The development of green logistics aims at reducing environmental pollution and returning a fresh and clean living environment to mankind. At the same time, as an important medium of production and…

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  • Research on Innovative Operation Mode of Express Delivery End Link

    [Abstract] With the rapid development of express delivery industry, the “short board effect” at the end of express delivery is becoming more and more obvious. Based on the concept of customer satisfaction and resource integration, this paper establishes a “three-level express delivery model”. Taking “express terminal service center” as the main breakthrough point, the paper introduces the innovative operation mode of express terminal service. The operation system of the service center includes business system, business process system and business support system. Through the improvement of the three major systems, a diversified, diversified, resource-saving and environment-friendly express terminal operation mode has been established. Express delivery is a new business adapted to the rapid development and fast pace of the market economy. Since 1990, the scale of China’s express delivery industry has expanded rapidly, from 3.343 million in 1990 to 9.19 billion in 2013, with an average annual growth rate of 38.9%….

    Express Knowledge 2019-12-13
  • The Classification of Plastic Bags

    With the continuous upgrading of plastic bag manufacturing technology, plastic bags have not been invented as they were in the early days, but simply to satisfy people’s convenience in carrying articles. In order to meet people’s needs, various plastic bags have begun to enter people’s daily life. There are more and more kinds of plastic bags, so today let’s have a little bit of science popularization. T-shirt bags: it is also called vest bag, vest bag, toilet bag, etc. because its shape is similar to vest worn by people. Mainly used in supermarkets, department stores, shopping malls, convenience stores, wholesale markets, grocery stores and other places. PO is generally used as the main production material. Backbone bags are simple to manufacture and have a wide range of uses. They have become an indispensable necessity in daily life, providing great convenience for people, but also causing environmental pollution. Therefore, the state…

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  • What Is The Name of The Glue on The Express Delivery Plastic Bag?

    The glue on the express delivery plastic bag is not called double-sided adhesive. I was asked about it. The bag is made up of small pieces. How come the double-sided adhesive on the express delivery bag is not sticky? After hearing the word double-sided adhesive tape, I have to share what kind of glue is used in our plastic bag factory to produce express bags. Otherwise, when some plastic bags are customized, they also think that the glue used is double-sided adhesive tape. Express bags are confidential transportation plastic bags. Their function is not only to package products, but also to protect the confidentiality of products. They are plastic bags that can only be used once. If the products are folded halfway, the plastic bags will be destroyed. This is the glue that works, so the sealing glue used in the express bag can never be double-sided adhesive. Its academic…

    Express Knowledge 2019-12-13
  • Did You Pay Attention to The Safety of The Express Bag?

    Did you pay attention to the safety of the express bag? Every long holiday is a good time to store goods online, and many “hand-chopping parties” are eagerly waiting for the arrival of express delivery. However, express bags are sometimes the “culprit” of disease. Female netizen Hou Yaozong’s mouth ulcerated as a result of unpacking the express. It turned out that she used both hands and mouth when unpacking the express, and abruptly tore open the package with her mouth. That night, Hou Yaozong felt the corners of her mouth itch. Looking intently, she found several more red pimples. When she woke up the next morning, she found that the red pimples had not only cleared away, but also oozed pus. She could not open her mouth in pain. She went to see a doctor quickly. The national standard of “Express Packaging Products” issued jointly by the State General Administration…