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  • Plastic Products and Environmental Protection

    Abstract:It must be known to all that plastic products are widely used in various fields and are indispensable to our daily life or come into contact with each other every day. Moreover, plastic products are decorative and can be made into transparent products or products of various colors with beautiful and durable color. However, plastic products also bring pollution and damage to our living environment. Therefore, this article mainly narrates the most fundamental harm of plastic products, analyzes the reasons why it is difficult to control nowadays, and finally puts forward some measures. Key words: plastic products pollute the environment There are many phenomena about plastic products around us: on university campuses, many students do not want to go to the canteen to eat, feel that going to the canteen is too troublesome and too far away and buy take-out food or ask students to pack it up and take…

    Express Tips 2019-12-13
  • Investigation and Analysis Report on Packaging in Express Delivery Industry in China

    Investigation and Analysis Report on Packaging in Express Delivery Industry With the vigorous development of e-commerce, online shopping has been integrated into public life, and many people have to receive express packages almost every day. According to statistics of the State Post Office, in 2013, China’s express delivery volume reached 9.2 billion pieces, with an average daily volume exceeding 30 million pieces. It is estimated that this year’s total express delivery volume will reach 12.8 billion pieces. Such a large volume of business will definitely consume a large amount of packaging materials. The development of express packaging industry has attracted the attention of the society. How to solve the problems of “over-packaging” and “packaging waste” in express packaging industry has become the primary task for the healthy development of express packaging industry. First, the development of express packaging industry In the past five years, China’s express delivery industry has maintained…

    Express Tips 2019-12-13
  • Advertising Languages / Advertising Slogans for Express Packaging Bags

    This article is about classic sentences, for reference only. If you think it is very good, please comment and share it. Advertising Language(Advertising Slogans) for Express Packaging Bags as follow: 1. Happy life, extraordinary feeling. 2. High-quality express delivery has its own faction. 3. Colorful shopping, colorful life. 4. Professional packaging, “bag” wonderful. 5. Personality is still changeable, shopping new experience. 6. For the fashion “bag” for personality changes. 7. Bagged Heart Fashion, New Shopping Experience. 8. Custom express bags, packaging is more exciting. 9. The “bag” led us into the new “bag”. 10. Change tide change bag, choose the best gift pie. 11. Personality express bag, really too love. 12. Wonderful express bags, fashion follow me. 13. Shopping new wonderful, fashion express bags. 14. Personality packaging, easy to own. 15. Hold the trend, “bag” fashion. 16. Colorful express, “bag” to a better life. 17. Loading personality, bag to trend….

    Express Tips 2019-12-13